Configuring your Sales Funnel

You have previously learned How to Add a Note and gain some knowledge about the related buttons. Today, we would like to share an Overview of how you can Configure your Sales Funnel and use it to increase the interest level of your Prospects.

What is a Sales Funnel? It is basically a series of webpages that leads a prospect through your sales system, collects data and starts the automated followup process. You can customize each page to fit your requirements.

Hers’s a tutorial video which may be helpful in understanding the concepts:

Here’s an Overview:

In order to go to the configuration section of your Sales Funnel, click on Website Setup > Page Editor. In the Page Editor, you should notice a table containing three sections and their sub-sections, described as follows:

TEMPLATES: The list of pre-formatted designs for a page. Click on the Create New Template to design one.

SALES FUNNEL: The list of built-in webpages which constitutes the sales funnel. There are FIVE PAGES in the funnel which you can modify as desired. This is also where you can get very creative with your efforts.

  1. Introduction: It is the “Welcome” page which gives a formal introduction about yourself and your business.
  2. Presentation: Includes your company’s procedures and objectives along with a related video demonstration.
  3. Enter Details: Includes the surveys (configured in the survey setup) to collect details from your prospects,
  4. After Survey: It is the “Thank You” page which may contain your contact information or links to other pages.
  5. After Opt-in:This page will be shown to the prospect as a result of acknowledging your initial email. Once they click on the Approve Sending Me More Information link in that email, they will be redirected to this page.

PAGES: The list of gateway or landing pages that you can link with your sales funnel. Click on Add New to create one.

Every page in the Sales Funnel contains separate attributes explaining the functionality of the Funnel. Here are some common fields (listed and described below) that you will find in the page editing section for each page.

  1. Title: This is where you enter the name/title of the page. This title will be displayed on the browser tab.
  2. Meta: Meta is the data about the data. In other words, referring to itself or to the conventions of its genre.
  3. Meta Keywords: The keywords used for search purposes. Enter the keywords separated by commas.
  4. Analytics Code: Copy and paste the analytics code from either Google or any other analytic service.
  5. Web Editor: This is where you enter the content of the page. Make use of the macros and tools to design the page as you deem fit. If you already have the HTML content ready for this, paste it in the Source tab.
  6. Edit Page: In this section, you can select a page for editing, preview your edits and then save the changes.
  7. Theme: This section contains the settings of the theme that you would like enable for your sales funnel.

Now let us focus on the basic editing functions of the pages in the sales funnel.

Via Computer Web Browser

Step 1: Expand the left hand menu and click on Website Setup and then the Page Editor sub-menu.

Step 2: Under the SALES FUNNEL section, click on the page name to open it for editing purposes.

Step 3: Edit the values of the required fields, i.e. Title, Meta Desc, Meta Keywords and Analytics Code.

Step 4: Design the page by using the editor. Use the macros and tools to enhance the quality of your design.

Step 5: Monitor your progress by clicking on Preview (top right corner) to confirm your action before saving.

Step 6: Click on the Update button (next to the Preview button) in the Edit Page section to save/apply the changes.

Access through the Mobile App

All Small Business Dream Tutorials are shown with a Computer view as explained above. This is the easiest and most complete way to Configure your Small Business Dream system, but if you are wanting to configure some areas by using your Mobile App, here are the simple steps to help you get started quickly.

Step 1: On the home page when logging into the Mobile App, you will see Action List and Social Tasks.

Step 2: Click on the menu (3 horizontal lines) at the top left corner of the page to expand the list.

Step 3: Then you will see your Wallet, Store Details (where you can setup and view your store details), Contacts and Manage.

Step 4: Click on the menu item to view and configure that particular area of your system.

Until our Next Lesson on Setting Up your Presentation Page!

Happy Dreaming. Yours Truly, Support and Training Crew

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